When it comes to medical care, the good old days are over

By David Wright and David WhitingPosted December 21, 2016 04:03:39While there’s no doubt that healthcare in the US is still relatively expensive compared to other developed nations, the current state of affairs is no surprise.

While there are still a lot of people who rely on private health care, many have become accustomed to the high cost of healthcare and are opting to pay the price instead of relying on the government for healthcare.

This is because healthcare is generally considered the best solution for the majority of people in a country.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average healthcare cost for a single person in the United States is $1,836 per year.

That number is projected to rise to $3,400 by 2025, as the population increases.

For comparison, in Sweden, the country with the lowest healthcare costs per capita, the healthcare cost per person is $4,071 per year, according to the Swedish Statistical Agency.

That is just over $10,000 more than the average US healthcare cost.

The cost of medical care can be compared to the cost of a car, where the average price per car is $7,000.

However, the car is more expensive in a rural area, where there is less access to cars and where there’s less demand for it.

For example, in the city of Seattle, where average healthcare costs are higher than the US average, the cost per car in Seattle is $5,917.

In comparison, the price of a Mercedes-Benz C-Class is $27,800.

The US is not alone when it comes out on top when it come to healthcare cost, according the US Health Policy Institute.

According to the health policy institute, in 2015, healthcare spending in the U.S. averaged $2,542 per capita.

However since 2009, healthcare has risen an average of nearly 30%.

That is, healthcare costs have increased at a rate of about 3% per year from 2009 to 2015.

However in 2015 and 2016, healthcare cost increased by nearly 7%, or $1.6 trillion, according a report from the health institute.

This is not to say that healthcare is free in the country.

The average healthcare bill in the UK is around $2.1 billion per year per person, according research from the University of Birmingham.

However the average costs per person in England are about $5.8 billion per person.

This means that while the healthcare costs in the USA are expensive compared with other countries, the costs of healthcare in Britain are relatively low compared to others.