Which is the best place to buy a medicine in Australia?

The Australian Medical Association has released its annual Healthcare Quality Index, which measures the quality of care provided in hospitals, community clinics, acute care and general practice in Australia.

The survey of more than 500 doctors and medical practitioners was conducted last year, and reveals that the average Australian healthcare provider delivered 5.4 standardised visits per year in 2015.

In contrast, the top 10 per cent of hospitals in Australia delivered 4.3 standardised hospital visits per patient, with the bottom 10 per 10 per patient delivering 3.5 standardised per visit.

The top 10% of hospitals delivered 4,067 standardised patient visits per day, with that ranking highest in Queensland (3,852) and Western Australia (3) where the top 1 per cent delivered 1,846 standardised patients per day.

Overall, Australia’s top 10 providers delivered 2.8 standardised standardised doctor visits per person, and 2.1 standardised outpatient hospital visits.

As for outpatient visits, the AMA said it is the leading cause of hospital stay, with emergency department visits the second leading cause, with nearly one in four visits due to emergency.

While the AMA recommends that primary care providers, with a primary goal of providing high quality patient care, be encouraged to deliver higher-quality care to the general public, it also advises that clinicians and their staff must have a strong awareness of patient-centered care.

“This is not an easy task to do, but our best efforts in recent years have resulted in a strong, high-quality practice in the health system and an overall better overall care system,” AMA Health Professionals’ Dr Tim Lenton said. AAP/ABC