Which states have the lowest unemployment?

California, Arizona, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont all have unemployment rates below 5 percent, according to a new study.

Texas, Florida, Missouri and Oklahoma have unemployment ratings lower than 5 percent.

States with the lowest numbers of unemployed people are Florida, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

But that’s a far cry from a state that has the highest number of people unemployed.

New York has the nation’s highest unemployment rate of 10.1 percent.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo has been touting his economic plan that he hopes will get the state off the economic death spiral.

But he hasn’t been able to convince voters to support his plan in a statewide poll released this week.

The survey shows that while more New Yorkers are looking for jobs, fewer are looking to take jobs.

Only 15 percent of voters said they have confidence in Cuomo to make good on his promise to create 500,000 jobs in New York, while 36 percent said they had a negative view of his job creation plan.

But nearly half of New Yorkers, 47 percent, said they didn’t think Cuomo would succeed.

New Jersey is next on the list with a 9.5 percent unemployment rate, followed by Alaska at 7.9 percent and Georgia at 7 percent.

California is tied with Florida at 6.9%.

New Hampshire has the lowest number of unemployed residents at 4.9 million.

In Iowa, where more than 7 in 10 residents said they don’t have confidence that Cuomo will deliver on his promises, only 16 percent of respondents said they were confident that the governor will deliver jobs.

That compares with 38 percent in Iowa, 33 percent in Missouri and 29 percent in Oklahoma.

Iowa Gov.

Terry Branstad has been trying to convince residents to back his economic recovery plan by calling on them to vote for him.

He has been using a new ad that depicts him as a tough negotiator who has a plan for the middle class.

But the poll shows that fewer than a third of voters have a favorable view of Branstad.

New Hampshire’s unemployment rate was 7.8 percent in August, while Georgia’s was 7 percent in the same month.

Wisconsin’s was 8.6 percent in July.

New Jersey’s was 9.2 percent in May.

New Hampshire’s rate was 8 percent in April.

The survey of 1,000 adults was conducted between August 6 and 10.