Walmart is selling its brand of prescription drugs online for the first time

Walgreens Pharmacy, a major discount drugstore chain, announced that it’s launching its own pharmacy online platform this fall, a move that could eventually lead to a wider rollout of online pharmacy sales.

The Walgens pharmacy is a joint venture between Walmart and the University of Michigan and it will be called, a nod to the company’s roots as a pharmacy.

“We see the opportunity for the pharmacy to become the go-to source of prescription medications for patients and families, and we think that’s a great opportunity for Walgarts Pharmacy,” said David DeHaan, the vice president of pharmacy sales for Walmart, in a statement.

The pharmacy’s website will offer a broad range of prescription medication, including generics, over-the-counter, brand names, brand-name products, and specialty drugs.

The goal is to “expand the distribution of prescription medicines for all patients, regardless of geography or socioeconomic status,” the company said in a press release. 

The announcement comes on the heels of another pharmacy, Kroger Pharmacy in Seattle, which announced last week that it was launching its pharmacy on its website. 

Kroger and Walmart have previously worked together to launch pharmacies and stores in other cities, such as Los Angeles and New York City, where Kroger stores are already open. 

“The Pharmacy site offers the convenience and affordability of our pharmacy, while also providing our customers with access to a wide selection of generics and brand names,” said Gary DeHaans, CEO of Kroger, in the press release announcing the pharmacy launch.

“Krogers commitment to innovation and quality has been a driving force behind our acquisition of Pharmacy.”

DeHaan did not offer a timeline for when Walgills pharmacy would open its doors to the public, but the company did say that the site is expected to be available to the general public “within the next few weeks.”

“We will be rolling out the Pharmacy website to the Walgreen community next week and will also continue to work with our partners to enable Walgys pharmacy to be a leading pharmacy for the health care system,” the statement said. 

In recent years, Walgends pharmacy has become a leader in online pharmacies as the company has expanded its business beyond its existing retail stores and drugstores, with more than 600 stores in 50 states. 

Earlier this year, Walgreen opened its first online pharmacy, but it had to shut it down after customers complained about the prices they were paying. 

Walgreens also has a partnership with Rite Aid to provide a pharmacy for prescription drug prescriptions in the US.