Discount Pharmacy Offers $20 Off All Drugs With Discount Card

Offers from Discount Pharmacies may be good news for drug-addicted patients who are struggling to pay for medication and other necessities.

A new promotional offer from Discount Pharms offers $20 off all prescriptions, excluding prescription and over-the-counter medications, and up to $1,000 for a 12-month supply of prescription drugs, such as an insulin pump, in addition to discounts on over-sized, generic prescription drugs.

The new promotion comes as more drug companies are starting to introduce discounts to their drugstore shelves, such the $20 discount drugstore discount program announced by Pfizer, and as the cost of prescription medication is falling and more people are able to get their medicine at a lower cost.

Pharmacy discounts are a new way for consumers to get prescriptions from drug companies, which may be an opportunity for the drug industry to expand the supply of medications to those who are currently not able to afford them.

Pharmacists can also earn a 10 percent discount on prescription drugs for consumers who buy a 12 or 24-month subscription to a discount pharmacy.

Pharma companies are also expanding the types of discounts they are offering to their customers, according to the website.

A full list of discount pharmacies can be found on the website.

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