When a pharmacist calls to order a pill, you need to order it!

Jewel pharmacy delivery service, Lee’s Pharmacy Delivery, has added an app to its delivery service that lets customers order prescription drugs from any nearby pharmacy.

Lee’s has a fleet of over 20 pharmacies across the U.S. that can deliver medications for $4.99 per pill.

The pharmacy service is a major addition to Lee’s, and it comes just months after the company announced that it would be bringing an online ordering app to pharmacies.

Lee’s is offering a variety of new and existing customers a chance to order their prescription medications online, and customers who purchase their medication online are offered free shipping.

Lee, a subsidiary of New Jersey-based pharmacy chain Aetna, says its app lets customers quickly and easily order prescriptions from nearby pharmacies.

“We think it’s a great way to give customers a quick, simple way to get prescriptions from their pharmacy without leaving their homes,” said Lee’s CEO, John R. Smith.

It’s not clear how Lee’s will work when it comes to prescription medications, though it is likely that its app will be able to handle both generic and brand-name medications.

Lee says that when a customer orders a generic medication from the app, it is sent directly to the pharmacy’s online pharmacy system.

Lee’s has partnered with MedSource to create its app.

According to Lee, Lee has had over 100,000 orders on its service in the past two months, and Lee’s expects that figure to continue to grow.

In a blog post on its website, Lee said that it is excited to be bringing its service to pharmacies and to serve its customers by providing a faster and more convenient way to order prescription medications.

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