What’s the difference between an anti-malaria drug and a pill?

QFC pharmacy in Birmingham is set to offer a new line of anti-migraine medications, with the first of two new products set to be launched on Thursday.

The new products will be called the QFC Pharmacy Anti-Migraine Anti-Aging Anti-Pain Pill and the QTC Pharmacy Oral Anti-Pills, according to a statement from the pharmacy chain.

One of the two new drugs will be sold as a generic, and the other as an over-the-counter version.

It will be available in 20mg capsules, each containing one capsule of the drug and 10ml of the brand’s anti-nausea drug, the statement said.

Other new products in the QCC’s range include the QT-1 Oral Anti Anxiety, QT3 Anti Anxiety and QT7 Anti Anxiety.QFC has previously been a pioneer in the development of antiemetic drugs for use in the elderly, and has also developed a range of arthritis-related medications, including Zyrtec.