What is a Rite Aid pharmacy?

Rite Aid, the nation’s largest pharmacy chain, is expanding its pharmacy network.

Its new stores in Washington, DC and Minneapolis, MN will include a new pharmacy that will provide all Rite Aid prescription drugs.

According to the company, the new pharmacy will be “the largest pharmacy in the country” with a capacity of 1,000 patients.

The company’s announcement came a day after the company announced it would launch a $20 million expansion in Minneapolis and an additional $2.5 million expansion to Dallas, TX.

The company said the expansion will allow it to provide services to consumers as well as to businesses that are not covered by its existing network.

The announcement also includes plans to open more stores in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Rite Aid will expand its pharmacare and pharmacy benefits offerings across the country, including in its Minneapolis and Dallas locations.