Walmart pharmacy target in Alberta

A pharmacy is targeting a Wal-Mart pharmacy in Calgary, according to a marketing company that was looking to raise $200,000 in order to launch its business.

The Calgary-based company called L’Occitane is looking to build a pharmacy that will cater to a growing number of patients in Calgary.

In order to qualify for funding, L’Ocite says it will have to demonstrate that it can deliver a pharmacy in an area with a high need.

“We are looking at all levels of the Calgary community,” said L’occitane spokesperson, Christine Goyens.

We are working to get some of those patients in, she added.

“We have a very small staff but we will be working very closely with the Calgary health team.”

Goyens says L’ Occitane has been looking for a location since it launched its own chain of pharmacy stores in Calgary in January, and that it has already found one, which opened last year in the former Westside Centre.

L’Oca is also in talks with a third pharmacy that would open in the area, but she would not reveal which one.

That location will be at the corner of Calgary and 10th Avenue.