Pharmacy Technician School in Denmark: ‘This Is Not a Day Job’

The pharmacy technician school at the Danish online pharmacy marketplaces is offering a full-time position that includes all-day care.

The school, called A-School in Dansk, offers more than 10,000 students and their parents an opportunity to study pharmacy at the age of 16 or 18.

“We are trying to encourage the younger generations to think about the profession, and to think more creatively about the future,” said professor Lars Lassen.

“This is not a day job, this is a career.”

The program offers a full range of activities for those 16 and older who want to learn about pharmacy.

“It is a good program for people who want a challenge,” said Kristine Sorensen, an instructor in pharmacy.

“You can’t teach someone who’s going to be doing the work in the evenings.”

The program is open to students from any age group and all backgrounds.

A total of 30 students have applied for the position and will begin classes in January.

The program also has opportunities for older students.

“It is for people of all ages who are ready to start learning about pharmacy,” said Lassens.

“Some of the opportunities are for teachers, others are for parents.”