New RuneScape: New RuneShop

The latest RuneScapes updates have been released, bringing with them many new items and items that can be bought from the new RuneScaping shop.

We have also received some news that will be released later this week.

New items and cosmetic items that will appear in the RuneScapers shop include: Sturdy leather armour: The RuneScapemen are no longer the only people wearing leather armour.

Anvil of the Forge: This is the only new item in the new store.

RuneScape Trading Post: This has a number of new options for purchasing items from other players, including the ability to use it as a trading post.

A number of other new RuneShop items will also appear in this new shop, including a new backpack, a set of gloves and a new set of boots.

Finally, a new Rune Shop menu has been added to the game, allowing players to use the items in the shop to help them complete their daily tasks.

Check out our in-depth article on the new items in RuneScaper’s store for more information on the latest Runescape updates.

Thanks, RuneScopes team members and community managers.