India’s $60 billion pharmaceutical industry: An interactive guide

By Anupama BhattaraiAnupamaBhattarajan,,New DelhiIndiaA pharma company is planning to take a stake in India’s lucrative healthcare sector.

MarketStreet is a digital market research company which aims to help business owners make the most of the latest trends and technologies in healthcare, from new medicines to healthcare technology.

The company launched the online guide, which covers the most popular drugs and the most profitable companies.

Marketstreet says India’s pharma industry is worth $60bn.

It has invested over $60 million in research and development into its products, including in vaccines.

Markethouse said the pharma sector is projected to generate $1.5 trillion in sales and create more than 2.5 million jobs.

Market Street said it has more than 60 research publications on its website, including some of the top-rated journals, such as the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

MarketHouse said it plans to launch an Indian website in the next few months.

MarketStains India is India’s biggest online pharmacy company.

It offers the world’s largest range of medicines, including generic and brand-name drugs, over the Internet, and has about 50% of the global market.

Marketstains India has over $1 billion in annual revenue, and it has about 7,000 pharmacy offices across India.

It said it will launch an online pharmacy platform for pharmacies in India in March.