‘We don’t know what to make of this’: Pharmacy workers react to Lee’s death

A pharmacy worker who had been working at the Northern Pharmacy in Hannaford has been discharged from hospital after a fatal heart attack.

Lee Fauci died at 11:15am (AEST) on Tuesday.

Her father told the ABC his daughter had a history of heart problems, and he had taken her to the emergency department at the pharmacy because of them.

She was rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where she died on Thursday afternoon.

Mr Faucs family has described his daughter as a “happy, kind, bubbly, bubby girl” who loved to sing, dance and play music.

“She loved to eat, she loved to talk to everyone, she would get upset if she didn’t get to spend time with her family,” his sister, Gisele Fauccis, told the Melbourne ABC.

The Faucci family has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral expenses.

It has raised more than $30,000 so far.

They have also set up a Facebook page, where anyone can donate.

Fellow pharmacy worker, Sam McAlpine, said it was a difficult day for the entire team.

He said they were shocked by the death of his colleague, and hoped it would bring the community together.

“It’s a difficult loss for us as a team,” he said.

Sam said it is not the first time his colleagues have died from heart attacks.

In 2016, a patient died of a heart attack while working at a Northern pharmacy in Melbourne’s north-east.

And in 2016, an emergency department nurse died while working there.

NHS Victoria said it would be inappropriate to comment on individual cases.

Dr Bruce Pyle, a cardiologist, said a patient who had suffered a heart failure was likely to need intensive care, while a patient with a heart condition such as acute ischemia would need cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

NSW Health said cardioprotection was the only treatment for patients with suspected or confirmed heart failure.

A message on the GoFundme page said: “This tragic loss has left us all devastated.

Please join us in helping raise money to support our colleague’s family.”

The page has received more than 2,400 responses.

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