‘We can’t go to the grocery store’: The cost of prescription drug shortages

Pet insurance company Petco, which has been at the center of a nationwide food-safety crisis, has announced it will be limiting prescriptions for pet owners.

Petco CEO Gary Shoup says that the policy is designed to help pet owners get the medicine they need, but it’s still not enough.

The company announced the change Wednesday morning in an email to clients.

Petco’s pet policy is intended to give consumers a more cost-effective way to access a range of medications and therapies, said Shoup, who is also the CEO of PetCo Plus.

The policy limits pet owners from dispensing a maximum of 15 doses of any one medication at any one time, Shoup wrote.

Pet owners who need to buy medications should be able to purchase a maximum number of doses of their prescription and then request to get a refund for the unused amount.

Pet co-founder and CEO Ron Miller, a former FDA commissioner, said the policy makes sense.

The company’s pharmacy plan offers a variety of medication services to its pet owners, he said.

The Petco policy has been criticized by the PetSmart Foundation, which says it puts pet owners at risk.

PetSmart said it is working with Petco to help customers obtain the most affordable medication options available for their pets.

The organization says Petco Plus’ pet policy will help pet parents get the medications they need while also helping Petco meet its commitment to reducing pet drug costs.