How to get a prescription for free at Preston pharmacy

Preston, Va.

— The first pharmacy in the country to offer an in-store pharmacy has opened in Virginia.

Preston HealthCare said Wednesday that the pharmacy will open in Preston, which was founded by Dr. Steven W. Schoenfeld and will have a pharmacy section that offers prescriptions and health care services.

The pharmacy will be staffed by licensed physicians, and patients will be able to access the pharmacy’s secure online order management system, said Sharon L. Rinaldi, president of Preston HealthCare.

Prestons pharmacy will provide free prescriptions for certain health and wellness products, such as skin care and homeopathic treatments.

The company said it expects to operate the pharmacy in partnership with Preston Health Care, which operates an inpatient pharmacy at the Preston Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Virginia Beach, Va., as well as a home-health care clinic in Portsmouth, the largest city in Portsmouth.

Pillars HealthCare will serve the Portsmouth community with a new pharmacy that will open late next year, according to a statement from the company.

The company said the pharmacy is expected to expand in Portsmouth’s Northeast neighborhood.

The Richmond, Va.-based pharmacy chain has had a limited presence in the Richmond area for several years.

The Preston Healthcare pharmacy is part of the company’s expansion plans in Virginia and other states, the company said.

Prisons health care provider is a subsidiary of the UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest health insurer.