‘Fraudulent’ pharmacy symbol makes Wal-Mart look like ‘real pharmacy’

The symbol used by Walmart, Costco, and other big box stores to refer to their own pharmacies has been hijacked by a drugstore pharmacy.

Walmart’s logo is displayed next to the brand of an online pharmacy.

A pharmacy is a large store that dispenses medical and pharmacy drugs.

The symbol, a yellow triangle, is also used to identify a large pharmacy chain like Wal-Marts.

It is the logo of the Pharmacy Benefit Corporation, a nonprofit that represents pharmacies.

In the image, a pharmacy logo appears at the bottom of the image.

The image is accompanied by a disclaimer that reads, “The Pharmacy Benefits Corporation does not endorse the use of this logo, and is not affiliated with Wal-mart, its parent company or any of its affiliates.

We encourage customers to verify that the pharmacies they are buying from are legitimate.”

Walmart responded to the story on Twitter.

“Walmart is proud to be the only retailer in the U.S. to offer our own pharmacy, but there are many other ways to reach patients,” the retailer said.

“We’ve been transparent about our relationship with Pharmacy Beneficial for some time, and we are working to ensure it remains that way.”

We take our relationship seriously and are always looking for ways to enhance it.

“The image was removed on Wednesday morning, according to a Walmart spokesperson.

The logo is a big part of Wal- Mart’s image, and it is used for many of its stores, too.

The chain is known for its iconic blue logo that has been a trademark of the company since 1892.

The logo is also commonly used on merchandise, from its signature bag of groceries to its branded clothing.

However, the company’s pharmacy symbol was hijacked by drugstores, who used the symbol to reference their own online pharmacies, and then used the image as a generic symbol for their own pharmacy.

The pharmacy symbol for the Wal- mart Pharmacy is a yellow circle with a red triangle at the top, and a black triangle on the bottom.

The circle is typically used to indicate a pharmacy, and the triangle is typically associated with pharmacy benefit.

The pharmacy benefit logo is yellow, green, or blue.