How to use Accredo’s prescription and over-the-counter drugs

Accredo has expanded its pharmacy network in Canada and in the United States, including opening up to a fourth Canadian pharmacy in Edmonton, Alberta.

“We’re excited to bring Accredo pharmacies to Edmonton,” said David Dougan, President of Accredo Canada.

“We want to serve our customers with the best possible products, as well as the best quality.”

A major part of Accredo’s strategy is to expand its network in the U.S. as well, and to expand into new areas like North America, where its brands are well known.

“There’s an opportunity here in the States, and I think Canada is a great place to start,” Dougan said.

Accredo has been expanding its presence in the US over the past few years, opening up a number of pharmacies and pharmacies at its Edmonton headquarters in 2018.

“The US is a very attractive place for us to expand because it’s a very consumer-centric economy,” Dougherty said.

“So, it’s an exciting time to be a part of that.”

Dougan said he expects that in the coming months Accredos brand in the USA will continue to expand.

“It’s an area where we’re looking forward to a lot more of our products coming in,” he said.

Dougherty added that he’s looking forward “to seeing what the next two or three years holds for AccredOs pharmacy network.”

With files from The Canadian Press